Broadcast in projection room with PowerPoint

You can view the results of your surveys or the questions you answer in your session:

  • Either in a browser
  • or in Powerpoint slideshow

To broadcast via PowerPoint, simply download the add-in "" from Powerpoint add-in store in your presentation.

Install "" add-in and connect to

  • Load the add-in in the first slide of your presentation
  • Insert > "Download add-ins"
  • Look for "" add-in in store
  • Select and add it
Stretch it to cover the slide, then connect to
Use broadcast code or your id and password to connect to your account

Broadcast your presentation

Use slideshow mode as usual.

We reccomend placing the add-in on first slide to be sure you are connected to at slideshow start

Manage your questions and polls sequences as usual

While in Q&A sequences, use your moderation GUI to broadcast the questions you're answering.

You Powerpoint slideshow broadcast automatically current question.

Remark : we suggest a tablet or smartphone to manage in-room interactivity, however you can also use your Powerpoint computer if configured with extended desktop.

Manage your polls the same way.

Your Powerpoint slideshow automatically displays the polls results when you want to.

Remark : interactive "" slide is displayed:

  • while voting in instant polls
  • only while results are displayed for regular polls (so you can present your vote as you like using all Powerpoint graphical possibilities)